Benefits of Moloyal

MoLoyal merchants increase customer spending and repeat visits while accumulating valuable customer information that the merchant can use to market to their customers.

  • Unique reward currency, offering an advantage over competitors
  • Exposure to over 160 million network subscribers in Nigeria
  • Eminently scalable for retailers and brands with a nationwide presence
  • A totally unique and relevant way to incentivize consumers to spend
  • Increases traffic - motivates customers to return frequently
  • Builds loyalty and preference for your business over your competitors
  • An intelligent solution using consumer transactional data to acquire, retain and win back customers
  • Instant free airtime rewards!!!

More Business, More Sales

  • MoLoyal works for any size merchant or retailer
  • Increases brand familiarity among customers
  • Use MoLoyal app to support new marketing efforts
  • Provides excellent Customer Relationship Management

Get to Know your Customer

MoLoyal is designed to make the customer transaction as valuable as possible. From every customer transaction, rich behavioural data is produced alongside traditional data. This opens up a world of understanding and insight.

  • With customers segmented to your needs, you can then start interacting with them in a way that increases sales. With deeper understanding comes the ability to segment your customers in ways that can benefit your business.
  • Offer additional rewards to customers based on their spending habits. Reward your heavy spenders and encourage light spenders through incentivized rewards.
  • The Excellent and user friendly MoLoyal Administration Module for supervision and monitoring makes generating detailed reports seamless.