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About our event tickets

  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Comedy
  • Corporate
  • Party
  • Hangout
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Ticketing features:

  • Physical and online events tickets support
  • Email Notification
  • Electronic QR Code Support
  • Customer Mobile App
  • Agent App to scan code
  • Sales and usage reports
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We have the best ticketing tools you need to host your next event

  • Guests receive QR codes
  • Scan and Validate at venue
  • Get started now
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Event Pricing


Paid Events

  • We charge a 10% commissions on Ticket sales
  • Dedicated event page
  • Customer loyalty points
  • Tickets sales report
  • Agent app access
  • Post on MoLoyal Social Media
  • Event report
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Free Events / Access Control

  • 40k for first 100 registrations
  • 20k for every subsequent 100 registrations
  • Dedicated Customized event page
  • Tickets sales report
  • Agent app access
  • Event report
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Events guests have to buy tickets for attendance.

Events that requires no payment but registrations for control of access.

Payments are automated and sent directly to your bank account. You will receive 90% of the ticket value and 10% goes to MoLoyal.

You will receive an email immediately after purchase. Please check your spam inbox too.

Customers who buy MoLoyal tickets get loyalty points which incentivises them to make more ticket purchases in the future.

Buy any MoLoyal Ticket and register by agreeing to the terms and conditions. You will receive default customer login details via email. Log in to your account to track Loyalty points.

Upload your event details on the form to register your event.

Categories include Festivals, Hangout, Party, Comedy ,Fashion and more.

Get 10% discount from our live band partner.

You can hire MoLoyal tickets agents at a fee for this. Indicate your interest while filling the registration form.

Log in to MoLoyal agent app and scan QR code to validate ticket.

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